Photo: Frederik Busch

No Coffee No Tea
2009, pressboard, carpet, seatings, lighting, promotion material, 1200 x 400 x 350 cm

The calm zone 'No Coffee No Tea' was a special exhibition at the consumer fair ambiente 2009 in Frankfurt. The work was determined by the process of seeking and finding all the seating from existing institutions of Frankfurt and put them together to an integrative island in order to offer the visitor a moment of distance and relaxation from the fair. Taking the furniture from shops, cafes, schools, theaters, etc. from the nearest surrounding of the fair, the calm zone became a bridge to the world outside and visitors were invited to stay, relax, and refresh as long as they wish to. The owners of each loan were promoted in a leaflet with all necessary contact informations.

Haunted, found and borrowed from:

Hotel Goldmann
Apfelwein Wagner
Cafè im Kunstverein
Dekor Service
Hessischer Rundfunk
Kunsthandel Ruppert
Moloko am Meer
Die Käs - Kabarett in der City e.V.
Die Komödie
Morgen Studio
Leise Designentwicklung
Fritz Rémond Theater im Zoo
Gasthaus zum Lemp
Schauspiel Frankfurt
Trinkhalle Frankfurt
Hotel Barbarossa

Client: Messe Frankfurt
Team: Yvonne Fehling, Matthias Leipholz, Peter Schäfer
Graphic Design: Daniel Schludi, Piero Glina